Aussie Claus proudly leads the way in household and commercial illumination.

The Aussie Claus history is long and rich. We have proudly been distributing the best products sourced around the globe for over 12 years.

Aussie Claus intitally went into business as Aussie Claus Christmas Shop. The company focused on sourcing the best Christmas products from around the globe, including giftware, decorations, costumes, collectables and of course, the highest quality decorative lighting available. Aussie Claus Christmas Shop are definite industry leaders and grew rapidly to be in high demand by customers all over Australia, in fact, our customers are spread around the globe utilising our online shopping. Our high quality products are showcased on one of Australia's longest running soaps, Neighbours and Fleixilight ropelight was used throughout the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Throughout the years, we saw the next generation of lighting evolve, when LED Eco lighting became available to Australia. As consumers we are in a fabulous position now where LED lighting has been on the market for sometime and demand has skyrocketed, thus increasing production and reducing purchasing costs to the consumer. So LED products are more afforable and ascertainable to the majority of the world than ever before.

That is where Aussie Claus Eco Lighting was formed. As a business we aim to bring you the best quality and most affordable lighting products available, so there is no question LED Eco lighting is the answer.

Cohn and the team at Aussie Claus look forward to helping you make the change to LED Eco lighting today. We are ready to assist with all household lighting changeovers, commercial and retail fitouts on any size scale.