Instant Flexilight


Instant Flexilight is a basic and simple design but flexible.

Instant Flexilight


Wire 2
Number of bulbs (per metre) 36
Diameter 13mm
Shape Round


Fuse Bulb Non Fuse Bulb Vertical Inserted Bulb Horizontal Inserted Bulb
Fuse Bulb
Non Fuse Bulb
Vertical Inserted Bulbs
Horizontal Inserted Bulbs


Voltage 12V 24V 120V 110-120V 220-240V
Cutting Unit 0.11m 0.22m 2ft 0.5m 1.0m
Maximum Loading Length 10m 20m 320ft 50m 100m
Bulb Specification 3.0V, 0.07A, 0.21W 3.0V, 0.07A, 0.21W 5V, 50maA, 0.25W 6.5V, 0.06A, 0.39W 6.5V, 0.06A, 0.39W
Number of Bulb/Unit 4 8 24 18 36
Power Consumption 0.84W/Unit 1.68W/Unit 6W/Unit 7.02W/Unit 14.04W/Unit