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Pros of LED Lighting
Carbon emission is on average 85% less

no polluting material
LED lamps contain no mercury and do not emit Carbon Dioxide compared to other conventional lamps

No insects
Flies and insects cannot see the LED light as it is of a single wavelength, so no more insects flying around your bulbs
safe around children
The cool touch globes LED lighting offers makes them the safest globes to use around children
Reduce Electricity Bills
Reduce your energy consumption with LED lighting and save money on your electricity bills
reduce cooling costs
LED lamps omit no heat
LED provides the environmental change
LED lighting is becoming more widely used throughout the world.

Taking into account both energy and replacement costs, LED lights are both less expensive and more environmentally friendly than incandescent or CFL lights. This is a significant statement to be able to make when discussing environmental technologies. Usually there is some sort of compromise between environmental pollution and cost.

In addition to this, there are other benefits such as no hum, and better control of lighting color and rendition. LED bulbs can be purchased at specific temperatures, with lenses that control the direction of light at various angles.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) products originated from the electronics industry and are silicon based like many other electronic components generally found in products like computers, stereos and TVs. LEDs were used for indication lights on those products, but the technology has come along in leaps and bounds, with LED lights now being used for general purpose illumination in household, office, commercial and industrial lighting applications.

This form of LED lighting is far superior to conventional lighting systems. A standard halogen downlight globe has a life expectancy of approximately 3,000 hours. An LED downlight globe has a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours, which means an LED globe will normally outlast a conventional globe by at least 15 times. LED lights have an exceptionally long life, are ultra low maintenance and have extremely efficient light output per watt. This means a reduction in carbon emissions into the environment through reduced replacement lamps, reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance involved with lamp replacements and far less waste in rubbish depots.

Our LED Eco Lighting Saving Overview
Electricity Savings
A normal halogen lamp uses 50 watts of power, costing you on average $80 a year to run. In comparison to our LED light which would cost $13 a year in running costs. Multipy that by how many globes you have in your home or business and calculate the savings!
Energy Consumption
Use our Energy Consumption Calctulator to work out how much you could be saving with LED installation in your home or business.
Save on maintenance
The average LED globe with a 50,000 hour life span if left on for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week will not require changing for over 13 years! A huge reduction in employee risk from ladder falls or burns from changing hot halogen lamps.
Did you know?
The average household will save up to 80% on their energy bills after LED installation in their home.
Save on Cooling
We are aware of the heat generated from halogen lamps, but did you know they measure at 102 degrees celcius each? That is making your air conditioner work much harder in summer, thus reducing it's working life and increasing your energy costs. A comparable LED lamp omits 70% less heat.